Manage iPod Photos without iTunes

Manage iPod Photos

How to add, copy, transfer iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone photos without iTunes

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How to add pictures to iPhone and iPad without using iTunes?

1) Download CopyTrans Photo from the vendor’s page:

2) Install and launch the program.

3) How to transfer photos between iPod/iPad/ iPhone and PC?

Once CopyTrans Photo is running, connect your iPhone. The software will recognize the iPhone in an instant and shows you the contents of the “Camera Roll”. The iPhone or iPad appears on the left side of the program and your PC can be found on the right side.

If you want to add a new photo album on your iPhone or iPad, just click on the small “folder +” icon, give it a name and confirm with “OK”.

add photo albums to iphone and ipad

Open one of your photo albums, select the pictures you want to add to your iPhone or iPad and drag them in the newly created album, or add them to an already existing album.

add pictures from pc to iphone

If you want to copy pictures from iPhone to PC, just select the pictures (even those from the Camera Roll) and drag them to a folder on your computer.

copy iphone photos to pc

Once you finished adding pictures to your iPhone or iPad, don’t forget to hit the “Apply changes” button to synchronize your device. By the way, deleting pictures from iPhone and iPad is as simple as adding them. Just select the iPad pictures or the iPhone album that you want to delete, push the right mouse button and select “Delete”.

With CopyTrans Photo you can also create slide shows with your iPhone and computer pictures. Just click on the iPod or Computer “Slideshow” button in the task bar and lean back.

iPhone picture slideshow

That’s it, managing iPhone and iPad pictures made easy!
Additional information: CopyTrans Photo is Shareware and you’ll first download the app in trial mode, allowing you to transfer 25 photos from iPad to PC and from PC back to iPad, iPhone and iPod. The full version for unlimited iPhone photo transfers, can be found in the vendors online store for $29.99. Latest Updates: In March/April 2011 they added the iPad and iPod Touch 4G compatibility and slightly changed the interface. Get more information about the iPod, iPad and iPhone photo transfer tool.


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May 13, 2011 at 11:57 am

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